Key economic indicators 1

Your financial statements are complete, and you have just received them from the auditor. You want to calculate some key economic indicators, sp that you can make an overview and compare your result with the previous financial years.

Your financial statements show the following:

Turnover: 1.090.000 DKK.

Depreciation: 38.000 DKK.

Contribution margin: 520.000 DKK.

Fixed costs: 156.000 DKK.

Profit before interest:  312.000 DKK.

Interest expense: 42.000 DKK.

Period transport: 132.000 km.

Total assets at the end of the year: 380.000 DKK.

Total debt: 90.000 DKK.

Result of the year: 230.000 DKK.

Equity ultimo: 110.000 DKK.