G7: International transport of food (ATP)

When driving abroad, the ATP Executive Order applies.

ATP Executive Order covers transport of perishable refrigerated food. (The definition of perishable food can be found in the Executive Order on Authorization.)

The ATP Executive Order is divided into two parts.

  • One-part sets requirements for the equipment, including approval of this.
  • The other part sets minimum transport temperatures for refrigerated and frozen goods, which transporters must comply with.

You can therefore transport a product cooler than the rules prescribe, but not hotter.

In addition, you will be able to use the ATP Executive Order’s temperature regulations as standard for national transports, if you use approved equipment.

You are allowed to load food that is not perishable, regardless of the temperature.

But… In the case of food products that are considered perishable, they must be rejected for transport if their temperature at loading exceeds the requirements set by the ATP Executive Order. This applies both nationally and internationally.