Assignment transport calculation 3

National transport: Offer to transport goods for one year.

Price of new car:                                                                                  785.000 DKK

Vehicle tax:                                                                                          3.854 DKK

Insurance (per year):                                                                            33.500 DKK

Repair and maintenance per kilometer:                                              0,23 DKK

Depreciation:                                                                                                             5 years

Vehicle interest:                                                                                   5,8 %

Tire cost per kilometer:                                                                       0,13 DKK

Scrap value:                                                                                          270.000 DKR.

Road toll:                                                                                              9.316 DKR.

Expected empty transport:                                                                  7 %

Number of kilometers per liter Diesel:                                                2,85

Price per liter Diesel:                                                                           5,85 DKK

Profit:                                                                                                   5%

Driver salary per hour: Overtime is not expected:                               113 DKK                             

Number of budgeted kilometers per day:                                           385 km.

Indirect labor costs:                                                                              42,8%

Number of working days per year:                                                      260 days

Administrative costs per year:                                                             113.000 DKK

Cost for driving over a bridge per year:                                               95.000 DKK

Safety equipment per year:                                                                 25.200 DKK