Assignment Time sheet 1A


Torben Jensen

Middelfartvej 152

5200 Odense V

Driver at:

DTU Transport

Lavsenvænget 6

5200 Odense V

He has set working hours: Monday-Thursday: 7,5 hours and Friday 7 hours. He is employed as a full-time driver and has been with the company for 3 years, salary rate DKK 120,00 per hour, 1-3. Overtime DKK 155,00 per hour, the hour before the start of normal working hours DKK 155,00 per hour, other hours DKK 200,00 per hour.

He drives mixed transport, and has the last week done the following work:

Monday:         07.00 – 15.00                         Transport of general cargo.

Tuesday:        05.00 – 16.30                         Transport of stones and gravel – trailer used all day.

Wednesday: 05.30 – 15.30                         Transport of general cargo.

Thursday:      08.30 – 18.30                         Transport of general cargo.

Friday:            04.00 – 14.30                         Transport to and from construction site.

Sunday:          08.00 – 10.30                         Transport of general cargo.   

There is a ½ hour lunch break every day.

Calculate the driver’s hours and salary for the week in question using the appendix “Weekly worktime” and answer the corresponding questions. You must use the specified wage rates.