Assignment pay check 9

For a 14-day period, you must calculate a paycheck for driver Rene Olsen based on the following information:

DTU Transport
Lavsenvænget 6
5200 Odense V
Cvr. Nr.: 12345678

Rene Olsen
Fåborgvej 49
5600 Fåborg
Cpr. Nr.: 010260-1569 Driver number: 09

Rene Olsen is employed as a full-time driver and pays a personal pension contribution of 4,0%. The company’s pension contribution is 8,0%. Special savings are at 1,2%. Freedom saving 6,75%, AM contribution is 8%.

  • The employee’s ATP contribution amounts to 29,51 DKK per week
  • According to his weekly note for the period, h has earned 13.747,00 DKK
  • Deduction amount before tax per week is 1.125,00 DKK and the tax withdrawal percentage is 39%

Fill in Rene Olsens’s paycheck for this week on the attached form “paycheck”. Answer the following questions.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the information specified in this assignment MUST be used in the task solution.

The tax deduction basis is rounded down to the nearest whole tens and the tax for payment is rounded up to the nearest whole DKK amount.