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Freight transport hauler van

Course in road transport authorisation – ONLINE

Our course is aimed at those who want to become a hauler and start their own business with trucks over 3,500 kg.
The course also qualifies you if you want to be employed as a transport manager in a freight transport company.

The course takes place over at least 3 weeks

In this online course you complete the education via the internet and have contact with the teachers via email, phone and Microsoft teams.
For this course applies that, you are entitled to go to 3 exams without having to pay further. If the exsam is not passed whitin the 3 tests, the Danish Road Safety Authority requires that you complete a new course before you can complete the examination again.

The actual time you need to spend in the completion of the freight transport hauler course is 144 lessons of a duration of 45 minutes.

The Danish Road Traffic Authority is the authority in the area and has approved the course

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